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Personal care

At Limitless247Care, we provide the best home healthcare services in the greater Connecticut and New York area for senior, elderly and adults with disabilities. Our highly qualified staff members are trained to provide you with the utmost care. As your care need change over time, it is a simple switch to any care that matches your options. Our dedicated team of professional nurses and carers with experience of delivering personal care will help and provide them with the optimum comfort.

At Limitless247Care, we are dedicated to our profession, taking pride in our commitment to the very highest standard to provide senior, elderly and adult care for those in needs. We also provide personal services for senior, and people with disability, to this end, we commit to prevent, identify and remove barriers for people with disabilities and to deliver the best quality service possible in a way that respects every person’s independence and dignity and encourages integration and equal opportunity.

Our fully trained caregivers are experienced in helping all kinds of people with their personal care, whether you need a lot of help or small amounts of help from time to time, we can help you. Our staff helps with daily tasks like changing clothes, walking, medication, nutrition, and exercises. Their dietary and health plans are developed under the supervision of physicians, to ensure their safety and recovery. Different mental activities like crossword games, chess and puzzles are conducted to improve their memory. Physical exercises provide the strength of muscles that improves the mobility. The safety of our client is one of our fundamental goals. Such activities will increase their physical and mental strength and will decrease their illnesses and falls.

Lifestyle Support

  • Maintaining patient’s comfort level
  • Assisting with meals and feeding
  • Seeking assistance from the hospital/facility nurse when patient is in need
  • Monitoring patient activity (i.e. ensuring patient stays in bed, IVs remain in place, etc.)
  • Supervising patient through the night
  • Ensuring family members know that their loved one is safe when they are unable to be
Light housekeeping
Meal preparation and nutrition
Laundry and change of bed linens
Grocery shopping and errands
Transportation to social and recreational activities
Assistance with light exercise and outdoor activity
Companionship and community engagement
Travel assistance
Coordination with family caregivers

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