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Six signs it’s time to find senior home care for your loved one

Six signs it’s time to find senior home care for your loved one

It’s hard to digest the fact that your loved ones have become old particularly your parents. Eventually you will also age, but the feeling is not the same as it feels when your parents do. Your parents are your super heroes, your anchor, and your rocks. However, eventually super heroes also require some sort of assistance. And when it is required, a dignified method to do so is to provide them via senior home care.

What is meant by Senior Home Care?

Supportive care that is given to senior citizens in their own houses is referred to as senior home care. The aim of such care may vary; however, the major theme is to keep seniors at their own homes and away from rehab centers and nursing homes for as much time as possible.

What are the six signs that it’s time to find senior home care for your loved one?

There exist no single definite sign that signifies that your senior loved one require senior home care. It may be that they fell recently, or are not bathing or eating well or it may be that you are concerned about the increased risk of an accident.

Few things that you should keep a watch on are:
  • Loss of weight

    Your senior loved one may forget to consume a meal or in some cases their appetite may become so tiny that they stop eating altogether. This may also happen in case they are consuming snacks or unhealthy meals instead of full, healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Disheveled Appearance

    Your senior may show decline in personal hygiene, which may indicate apathy or difficulty to do their daily tasks such as showering or wearing clothes.
  • Abrasions, burns or bruises

    Elderly tend to lose balance and are unsteady on feet, which may lead to accidents such as falling and tripping resulting in injuries. Other signs are loss of balance, difficulty in getting out from a chair or difficulty in using utensils for cooking.
  • Forgetfulness

    Seniors very commonly forget things and events or develop episodes of confusion, which may be an initial stage of Alzheimer’s. Apart from arranging a visit to a physician, as a precautionary measure you should find senior home care for your elderly loved one after episodes of confusion or forgetfulness.
  • Scratches or dents on their car

    This is an indication that you should consider taking the keys of the car from them and gradually integrate someone to take them to their doctor’s appointments, to the grocery store and wherever they want to go. Senior home care may prove helpful in this regard.
  • Depression

    Depression can manifest in a variety of ways but usually a lack of interest in maintaining social relationships, lack of motivation and loss of interest in their surroundings can indicate this. This is especially possible if your elderly loved one has recently lost other loved one, a friend or spouse or if they are suffering from an illness, symptoms of depression may quickly become evident. Signs of depression are subtle and include things such as losing contacts socially, not getting newspaper or mail, losing interest in their hobbies, lacking interest in cleaning the house or a messy house.
    In case your senior loved one is showing any one or more of the above mentioned signs, it’s time that you find senior home care for them.

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