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Illinois Home Health Aide Facing Charges of Stealing from Clients

Illinois Home Health Aide Facing Charges of Stealing from Clients

While a 22-year-old home health care aide was off-duty, he allegedly returned to some of the homes of his clients to steal various prescription medications. The initial investigation conducted by the Charleston Police Department was paralleled by the Illinois State Police and brought in more information regarding this case that end up in the arrest of Kyle J. White.

White was representing an outside home health care provider but when he was off duty, he could return to the home of those clients and slip out with various prescription medications. When one of those clients suspected that medications were missing, a police report was filed and the investigation commenced.

As reported by the Journal Gazette & Times Courier article, ‘Home health care worker charged with stealing medication:

“The Charleston Police Department reported in a press release on Tuesday that the burglary investigation that led to the arrest of Kyle J. White, 22, of Charleston began on Dec. 22. The department reported that its initial investigation led to new information regarding a similar investigation by the Illinois State Police indicating White was responsible for multiple thefts of medication from different victims in the Coles County area. White visited patients while working as a representative of an outside home health care provider and while he was off duty, the department reported. A patient’s suspicions that prescription medications were missing from their home resulted in a police report being filed, the department reported.” Sometimes a supplement to family caregivers, sometimes the only option, paid caregivers provide seniors with support for the activities of daily life, such as bathing, dressing and eating. More than half of home caregivers have a high school education or less, according to PHI, and their pay is on par with wages for fast-food and retail workers.”

The press released by the Charleston Police Department announced that a warrant for White’s arrest was issued relating to this case and Mr. White did turn himself into authorities and also posted bond. The case being run by the Illinois State Police Investigation is still pending and any charges that may be brought up by them will be handled by the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

There was no initial public report of the kinds of medications that were allegedly stolen during these incidences, nor were there any reports of how many potential victims there may have been. The most sought after prescription medications on the street involve painkillers, like Vicodin and Percoset, but there was no clarification by the investigators about which types were involved in this case.

The first victim to report suspected theft was not named and there was no immediate word on what outside home health care provider had hired Mr. White initially. No court date was set and the Illinois Attorney General’s office did not return calls seeking comment on their pending investigation.

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