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Celebrating senior independence

Celebrating senior independence

Whether your elderly loved one is living in a health care facility of at their own home, maintaining a sense of freedom and independence is a vital consideration while striving to improve their quality of life. The aim of personalized senior home care service is to cultivate this sense of freedom and independence while at the same time making sure that your elderly loved one is safe, secure, and comfortable and has ample opportunities to perform activities to enrich life. Following are few ways in which assistance can be provided by senior home care to enhance independence of a senior:

Special outings and transportation

A senior’s feeling of freedom and independence is enhanced if they can get out of their house, they are able to run their errands, they are able to attend social gatherings and functions and they have the independence to attend special outings. A caregiver providing care to seniors at home can arrange or provide transportation for these outings or they may accompany the elderly during these social outings. This will go a long way in enhancing the feeling of freedom in your senior loved one

Care coordination

Recommendations for adaptive devices and assistive products can be made by in home care giver to enhance feeling of freedom and they can also coordinate the buying of these products. A senior home care agency may also assist in coordinating care of your senior loved one across different healthcare providers so that there is smooth care transition.

Activities and exercise

Exercise is vital to maintain bone density and circulation in the elderly. A caregiver for senior may encourage exercise and activities, which are suited to their interest and capabilities.

Planning and preparing nutritious meal

Independence is promoted by a healthy lifestyle as it fights decline. An inevitable result of aging is muscle loss, but your body can make muscle if you eat adequate quantity of protein in diet. Tasty and nutritious meals can be planned and prepared by the caregiver of the senior, to meet the interest and needs of the senior.

Create a safe environment at home

A safe environment at home should be created for the senior by making adaptations for safety such as hand rails, bathroom grab bars, adequate lighting etc. so that the home is made safer to prevent falls.

Reminders for medicines

To get best results medicines should be consumed as prescribed by the physician; thus giving senior the most independence. Senior health care agencies may assist the senior with their medicines and make sure that they take only the recently prescribed medicines; provide a reminder regarding the time medicine is to be taken and teach them how important it is to follow the instructions of their physician.


A senior health care agency may assist with coordination of medical monitoring of your senior at home or tele-health. This allows monitoring and recording a senior’s vitals regularly at home and decreases visits to hospital and emergency room. Vitals are measured at home and reported to the doctor immediately.

Nourishing the spirit

Isolation is an aspect of daily lifestyle of the elderly who stays alone. Visits with family members and friends or a caregiver can improve their mood, whereas conversation on a regular basis can fine tune their memory and mind.

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